Kevin Dahlberg
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Kevin Dahlberg

Web Developer



Hi, I’m Kevin!  Welcome to my portfolio site!

I am a web developer based out of Minneapolis, MN.  My current projects include both freelance and pro-bono work, as well as a personal project that I’m hoping will end up in an app store near you.

I’ve been building WordPress websites for years – mostly crappy blogs for affiliate sites, that I’d rather not talk about…  In the fall of 2016, I decided to take things a little more seriously.

Take a look at some of my projects.  More of my work can be found on my social media.  If you are a techie, head over to my blog – The OCD Coder.

I am currently taking on more work, so if you have a project that you would like developed, or would like to talk about an app idea, fill out the contact form below, and we can meet up for coffee.