Kevin Dahlberg
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Kevin Dahlberg

Web Developer


I am a web developer based out of Minneapolis, MN who solves digital problems with simple solutions.  I do that by combining new technologies, such as AngularJS, with familiar frameworks like WordPress.  Projects range from simple, one page websites, to robust web applications.  I am a self starter comfortable working both on my own, or contributing as a member of a team.

I attended Prime Digital Academy in the spring of 2017, where I learned about full stack web application development.   The technologies I learned included MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js.  During the project phase of the program, I developed a solo project that simplified the process of tracking runs, and participating in a group project for achieve mpls.  Each project presented it’s own set of problems, most of them dealing, not with technology, but with the difficulties of managing myself and working on a team of other developers.  Outside of Prime, I spend my time developing my own personal coding projects, creating websites for clients, working as a Disk Jockey, and reading the occasional book.